Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chicago Bulls Nicknames

Kirk Hinrich aka "White Shadow" - Much like your shadow, the best white perimiter defender since John Stockton, never leaves your side on defense.

Ben Gordon aka "Ice Cold" - Constantly redefining the term "ice water in his veins."

Luol Deng aka "Silky" - His smooth game is constantly improving.

Andres Nocioni aka "Loco" - His game and his hairstyle can often go out of control.

Ben Wallace aka "Cochrane" - Like Johnnie Cochrane before him, the best defense money can buy.

Chris Duhon aka "Clean-Cut" - A throwback to 1950's style ball, he does all the little things.

Michael Sweetney aka "Secret Weapon" - Just when you think the Bulls lack an inside offensive presence, his 300+ pound ass makes an appearance.

Adrian Griffin aka "9-to-5" - This veteran is just out there trying to do his damn job.

Thabo Sefolosha aka "Pterodactyl" - The lankiest player to enter the NBA since Scottie Pippen.

Tyrus Thomas aka "Tyrannosaurus"- The kid's gonna be a monster very soon.

Viktor Khryapa aka "KGB" - You might not know about him yet, but trust me, you don't want to get him mad.

Malik Allen aka "Cotton Candy" - He plays a little soft for a big guy, but he serves his purpose when called upon.

PJ Brown aka "Gramps" - Old and sometimes cranky, his biggest strenght is that you know he'll soon be gone.