Monday, July 17, 2006

Reasons Dave is Glad He is Alive

First Reported by Dave Mandel

, Okla.
- The final totals on the scoreboard Saturday afternoon at Boone Pickens Stadium during Oklahoma State’s annual Orange-White game showed the White team on top of the Orange squad by a 44-38 margin.

"The White squad was spotted 14 points before the game started and 24 more at the beginning of the second half. The points were added to offset the fact the majority of the starters competed for the Orange squad and to keep the game competitive for the fans. Without the added points, the Orange outscored its teammates by a 38-6 margin as the Cowboys concluded spring football drills."

I mean, if you are honestly attending an intrasquad scrimmage hoping for a serious nailbiter, such that added points makes the game more enjoyable, you really need to question a) your purpose for attending the spring game in the first place and b) what you’re doing with your life.


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