Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mock Draft

Here's my guess.

  1. Toronto - Andrea Bargnani - All indications are that, at the very least, he will be a solid NBA player. At the very best, he's the next Dirk. You could do a lot worse.
  2. Chicago - Tyrus Thomas - A potential star at the 3/4 spot is worth a shot when you are given a gift pick like this.
  3. Charlotte - Rudy Gay - Closest thing to a potential superstar in the draft might take a couple years, but the patience should pay off.
  4. Portland - Adam Morrison - This is what the fans want, and the Blazers owe them one. He's worth taking a chance on at this point, and could be a solid piece to the puzzle.
  5. Atlanta - Brandon Roy - He would be a decent fit in Atlanta, but I think they take Roy and send him to Houston to fulfill their unusual promise to Shelden Williams.
  6. Minnesota - Randy Foye - With McCants out for the year possibly, the Wolves get a potential Gilbert Arenas-minus-the-crazy-type star to team up with KG.
  7. Boston - LaMarcus Aldridge - The big man they need falls into the Celtics laps. Hopefully he is more motivated than Mark Blount.
  8. Houston - Shelden Williams - If they ship him to Atlanta for Roy, the Rockets get a solid guard next to T-Mac and should be tough next year if everyone stays healthy.
  9. Golden State - Ronnie Brewer - When in doubt, keep adding super-athletic talent to the roster...
  10. Seattle - Cedric Simmons - ...or keep stockpiling unrefined talented young big men.
  11. Orlando - Rodney Carney - He would seem to be a perfect fit at the 2-guard, the one position Orlando really needs to fill.
  12. New Orleans - Patrick O'Bryant - Hard to pass on an athletic big man like this at this point.
  13. Philadelphia - Marcus Williams - Should be a reliable start to the rebuilding process alongside Iguodala if they dump Iverson.
  14. Utah - Saer Sene - Utah is very similar to Senegal. He will fit right in.
  15. New Orleans - Shawne Williams - Hard to pass on an athletic swingman like this at this point. (See a trend with the Hornets here...)
  16. Chicago - Thabo Sefolosha - The Swiss Mikael Pietrus could make up for Paxson missing out on the original in 2003.
  17. Indiana - Jordan Farmar - No offense to Tinsley, but a PG who can shoot a little bit might be nice to have.
  18. Washington - Kyle Lowry - Next to Gilbert, I think this could be a very scary backcourt.
  19. Sacramento - Oleksiy Pecherov - Sacramento loves big foreigners, don't they? So does Ron Artest.
  20. New York - Hilton Armstrong - Aside from a new roster, owner, coach, and GM, the Knicks biggest need is probably a shot-blocking big man.
  21. Phoenix - Shannon Brown - May lead the league in highlight-reel dunks in his first year if he gets the PT next to Nash.
  22. New Jersey - Rajon Rondo - They need a backup PG pretty bad. Jacque "Wild Thing" Vaughn will only get you so far in the NBA.
  23. New Jersey - Alexander Johnson - They also need an legitimate NBA PF or else Jason Collins might keep wandering on to the court during the game.
  24. Memphis - JJ Redick - I think Jerry West will finally stop the bleeding. JJ would be a good fit on the whitest team in the NBA.
  25. Cleveland - Daniel Gibson - They need a PG to give the ball to Lebron. Gibson could be a good choice if he learns how to pass.
  26. LA Lakers - Maurice Ager - Agaisnt Kobe's wishes, the Lakers take someone who likes scoring occasionally.
  27. Phoenix - PJ Tucker - Big man can do the dirty work for the Suns, and fits in with their whole height limit theme.
  28. Dallas - Marcus Vincius - Another big foreign dude to pair up with Desagana Diop at the Mavs' most meaningless position.
  29. New York - Guillermo Diaz - He's a combo guard with a score-first mentality. It would not be a Knicks draft without one of those.
  30. Portland - Quincy Douby - I bet this pick would lead to a ton of marijuana-related jokes around the league.


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