Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Reluctant Blogger

I can't deny it any more. It looks like I officially just sold out. You see, ever since the whole "blogging" craze began, I've always convinced myself that I would never succumb to the growing pressures of publishing my thoughts in a so-called "Weblog." I was even able to convince myself that bottomlineguys.com was just a running discussion between several people which just happened to be published on a the internet, but now that the forum for that discussion has been transferred to a site called bloggers.com, I really don't have that luxury any more. I have to finally face the facts. I am typing out my thoughts on various subjects to be published on the world wide web for anyone with internet access to look at, if they so chose.

So, while I know that, by the very nature of a "blog", very few people will actually choose to read anything someone with my limited credibility has to say, I am submitting to the peer pressure, and posting on this here blogspot. I can only hope that some of my controversial or incendiary remarks will be read somewhere and provoke thought...like "this is the last time I ever read a blog."

Here's a few random thoughts to kick things off.

  • I must start by applauding Dan Clarin for a remarkable effort to start off the new site. He was dead-on, particularly with the section on "hipsters". All those anti-society hipsters sitting in coffee shops with their laptops commiserating about the state of the world and the environment and what not may really be the ones that have given blogs a bad name. The whole "me against the world" thing might have worked for 2Pac, but often times he had angry men with guns coming after him. The biggest danger that hipsters face is some "frat boy" making fun of them for wearing ugly thrift-store clothing.

  • Dwyane Wade. Remember him? Seemed like he got lost in the shuffle as the Heat took care of the Nets a little too quickly in round 2, while Lebron, Steve Nash, and Dirk took center stage for a little while. Well, Dwyane's back, and it looks like he is making his case to be considered for the role of best player in the NBA. While that is up for debate, I think it's clear that he at the very least belongs in that argument.

  • Phoenix. I visited this desert metropolis over the Memorial Day Weekend, and came away with several impressions.
    First of all, Phoenix has two big things going for it. The weather and the girls. Both are pretty ridiculous. Clouds are scarce, and tans are plentiful. For the most part, both the weather and the females of Phoenix are extremely hot. Not having to own a jacket, or ever see girls of this caliber wearing jackets might just be enough to carry a city by itself.
    That being said, there are several drawbacks to the area, in my humble opinion. The city planning is horrendous, as public transportation is virtually non-existent (not that I expect much from people who started a city in the middle of a desert.) Natives of Arizona comrpise about 10% of the population, as most people will admit they just moved there for the weather. There is little to no grass to speak of. Vegetation consists strictly of cacti and the occassional palm tree. I didn't see as much crazy wildlife as I had hoped. There was not a scorpion, rattlesnake or vulture to be seen. Just a few lizards and a miniature snake. Aside from the Mexican fare, the food leaves a lot to be desired. Even when you are drunk, it is hard to eat an Arizona-style roast beef sandwich or the food product they claimed was pizza. The weather is the same every day, you know exactly what you are getting: sunny, hot and dry. While this seems great at times, I have to imagine that it can get kind of old after a while. I mean, who among us does not enjoy the occasional thunderstorm? By the end of the trip, I actually found myself missing humidity and clouds just a little bit.
    All that said, it was a rather enjoyable trip, and a solid showing by the city of Phoenix and the surrounding area. Would I go back to visit? Definitely. Would I want to live there? Probably not, but you might want to ask again next January.

  • Barry Bonds! It's funny, I hated Barry a lot more before everyone in the world jumped on the anti-Barry bandwagon. Maybe he's not the greatest person in the world, but there have certainly been much worse. Maybe he was on the juice, but he's not the first, and he won't be the last. He's still a 7-time MVP, 9-time Gold Glover, and arguably the greatest 5-tool player of all-time. (If you check his career stats, it's very hard to argue otherwise, even before 1999.) It's too bad that might not be what he is remembered for when all is said and done.


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